Class Summary
AbstractAccessControllerResolver Abstract implementation for access controller resolvers.
AbstractAccreditableManager Abstract base class for accreditable managers.
AbstractGroup A group is a set of Groupables.
AbstractGroupable Abstract implementation for group members.
AbstractIPRange A range of IP addresses, expressed by a network address and a subnet mask.
AbstractItem Abstract superclass for all access control objects that can be managed by an ItemManager.
AbstractRole A Role embodies the privilege to do certain things.
AbstractUser Abstract user implementation.
AnonymousAuthenticator The anonymous authenticator authenticates to an anonymous user with no password (you just have to add a user named 'anonymous' with an arbitrary password and the permissions you'd like via the admin screen).
BypassableAccessController AccessController that can be bypassed for certain URL patterns.
ComposableAccessControllerResolver Access controller resolver composed of other access controller resolvers.
ConfigurableAccessControllerResolver Configurable access controller resolver.
CredentialImpl Credential implementation.
DefaultAccessController Default access controller implementation.
DefaultPolicy A DefaultPolicy is the own policy of a certain URL (not merged).
ItemConfiguration Use this class to create configurations from AbstractItems or to build AbstractItems from configurations.
PolicyBuilder Builds policies from input streams.
RemovedAccreditablePolicyBuilder A PolicyBuilder which can be used after an accreditable was removed.
URLPolicy A policy at a certain URL.
UserAuthenticator User authenticator.

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