Package org.apache.lenya.cms.repository

Interface Summary
ContentHolder Super interface for nodes and revisions.
History The revision history of a node.
Node A repository node is used to persist a Persistable.
NodeFactory Factory to produce repository nodes.
Persistable An object which can be persisted to a node.
RepositoryItem Marker interface for repository items.
RepositoryItemFactory Interface for repository item factories.
RepositoryManager Repository manager.
Revision A revision.
Session Repository session.
SharedItemStore Store for read-only items which are shared by all sessions for performance reasons.
UUIDGenerator UUID generator.

Class Summary
RepositoryItemFactoryWrapper Wraps a repository item factory to resemble an identifiable factory.
RepositoryManagerImpl Repository manager implementation.
RepositoryUtil Repository utility class.
SessionImpl Repository session.

Exception Summary
RepositoryException Repository exception.

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