Package org.apache.lenya.cms.publication

Interface Summary
Area An area.
Document A CMS document.
DocumentBuilder A document builder builds a document from a URL.
DocumentFactory A DocumentIdentityMap avoids the multiple instanciation of a document object.
DocumentFactoryBuilder Document factory builder.
DocumentIdToPathMapper Document Id to Path mapper interface
DocumentManager Helper to manage documents.
PathToDocumentIdMapper This interface is basically the reverse of DocumentIdToPathMapper.
Publication A Lenya publication.
PublicationManager Publication manager.

Class Summary
DefaultDocumentBuilder Default document builder implementation.
DefaultDocumentIdToPathMapper Default DocumentIdToPathMapper implementation.
DocumentIdentifier Value object to identify documents.
DocumentLocator A DocumentLocator describes a document based on its path in the site structure.
DocumentUtil Document utility class.
IdentityDocumentIdToPathMapper Identity Document Id to path mapper
PageEnvelope A page envelope carries a set of information that are needed during the presentation of a document.
PageEnvelopeFactory Common entry point for creating page envelopes.
Proxy An object of this class represents a proxy configuration.
PublicationUtil Publication utility.
ResourceType.Sample A resource type sample.
SingleLanguageIdentityMapper Single Language Identity mapper.
URLInformation This class resolves all Lenya-specific information from a webapp URL.

Exception Summary
DocumentBuildException Document build exception.
DocumentDoesNotExistException Document does not exist exception
DocumentException Document exception
PageEnvelopeException This exception is thrown when the creation of a PageEnvelope object fails.
PublicationException Publication Exception

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