Package org.apache.lenya.cms.cocoon.components.modules.input

Class Summary
AbstractPageEnvelopeModule Abstract superclass for classes which need access to the page envelope.
DateConverterModule The DateConverterModule converts a date string from one format into another format.
DocumentInfoModule Input module to get document information.
DocumentURLModule This module constructs the document url taking into account difference in the language .version being created and used.
FallbackModule This module checks if a file exists in a publiation, and if not, it chooses the core file.
InputModuleParameters Input module parameter class.
MetaDataModule Input module to access meta data values.
OperationModule Super class for operation-based input modules.
PageEnvelopeModule Deprecated. use DocumentInfoModule instead.
PublicationFallbackModule Publication Fallback Module
PublicationTemplateFallbackModule This module uses publication templating to resolve the real path for a resource.
ResourceExistsModule Checks if a certain resource exists and returns either the string "true" or "false".
ResourceTypeModule Resource type module.

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