Package org.apache.lenya.cms.linking

Interface Summary
GlobalProxies Service to manage the web-application-wide proxy settings.
LinkManager Link manager.
LinkResolver Resolve a link from a document to another document using it's publication ID area UUID language revision number All of these parameters are optional and default to the attributes of the document which contains the link.
LinkRewriter Interface for services which convert links from one form to another.

Class Summary
ContentLinkManager Basic link manager implementation which searches for links by parsing the document content.
IncomingLinkRewriter Converts browser-based links to web application links by using the publication's proxy settings.
Link A link to a document.
LinkConverter Utility class to convert lenya-document: links from and to URL links.
LinkResolverImpl Link resolver implementation.
LinkTarget The target of a link.
OutgoingLinkRewriter Converts web application links to links which will be sent to the browser by using the publication's proxy settings.
ServletLinkRewriter Abstract base class for servlet-oriented link rewriters.
UrlToUuidRewriter Converts webapp URLs to UUID-based internal links.

Exception Summary
LinkException Link exception.

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