Package org.apache.lenya.cms.workflow.usecases

Class Summary
CheckWorkflow Check if a workflow event can be invoked on the current document without actually invoking it.
Deactivate Deactivate usecase handler.
Deactivate.LinkList A list of links pointing to a document.
History Display the workflow history tab in the site area
InvokeWorkflow Invoke a workflow event on the current document.
MultiWorkflow Manage the workflow of multiple documents.
MultiWorkflowInvoke Invocation usecase for the multi-workflow usecase.
Publish Publish usecase handler.
Publish.LinkList A list of links originating from a document.
Reject Reject usecase handler.
Submit Submit usecase handler.
UsecaseWorkflowHelper Helper class for workflow related usecases.
WorkflowableWrapper Wrap a workflowable for easy evaluation in JX template.

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