Class Summary
Archive Archive usecase handler.
Assets Usecase to add Assets to a resource.
ChangeLabel Change the label of a document.
ChangeNodeID Change the node ID of a document.
ChangeVisibility Switch the navigation visibility of a document.
Clipboard Clipboard for cut/copy/paste of documents.
ClipboardHelper Helper class for clipboard handling.
Copy Copy a document into the clipboard.
Create Abstract superclass for usecases to create a document.
CreateDocument Usecase to create a document.
CreateLanguage Usecase to create a new language version of a resource.
Cut Cut a document into the clipboard.
Delete Delete a document and all its descendants, including all language versions.
DeleteLanguage Delete a language version.
EmptyTrash Empty the trash.
ForceCheckIn Force a document to be checked in (override a checkout).
Move Usecase to move a resource.
MoveSubsite Usecase to move a subsite to another area.
Overview Usecase to display the overview tab in the site area for a document.
Paste Paste a document from the clipboard.
Restore Restore usecase handler.
Revisions Usecase to display revisions of a resource.
Rollback Rollback.
SiteOverview Overview over all documents.
SiteOverview.Entry Stores document-related information.
SiteOverview.EntryComparator Comparator for entries.
SiteUsecase Super class for site related usecases.

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