Package org.apache.lenya.workflow.impl

Class Summary
AbstractCondition Abstract base class for workflow conditions.
ActionImpl Basic action implementation.
BooleanVariableAssignmentImpl Implementation of a boolean variable assignment.
BooleanVariableCondition Implementation of a boolean variable condition.
BooleanVariableImpl Implementation of a boolean variable.
BooleanVariableInstanceImpl Implementation of a boolean variable instance.
ConditionFactory Factory to build conditions.
EventImpl Implementation of an event.
History The history of a workflow instance contains a list of all versions of the instance.
StateImpl Implementation of a state.
SynchronizedWorkflowInstancesImpl An object of this class encapsulates a set of synchronized workflow instances.
TransitionImpl Implementation of a transition.
Version A version of the workflow history.
WorkflowBuilder Utility class to build a workflow schema from a file.
WorkflowImpl Implementation of a workflow schema.
WorkflowInstanceImpl Implementation of a workflow instance.

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