Package org.apache.lenya.cms.publishing

Interface Summary
Exporter An Exporter is used to copy files from the pending to the live server.
Publisher A Publisher is used to copy XML sources from the authoring server to the pending server.

Class Summary
AbstractExporter An abstract exporter base class.
AbstractFilePublisher Deprecated. use the publish ant task instead.
AbstractPublisher Deprecated. use the publish ant task instead.
DefaultFilePublisher The DefaultFilePublisher is a task that copies XML source files from the authoring directory to another location, usually the live directory.
ResourceFilePublisher Deprecated. use the publish ant task instead.
ResourcePublishingEnvironment DOCUMENT ME!
StaticHTMLExporter This Exporter uses WGet to download HTML files from URIs and saves them.

Exception Summary
ParentNodeNotFoundException Exception to indicate an error when publishing a node where its parent node has not been published yet.

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