Package org.apache.lenya.cms.publication

Interface Summary
Collection A document representing a collection of documents.
Document A CMS document.
DocumentBuilder A document builder builds a document from a URL.
LastModified The LastModified interface gets a timestamp of the last modification of an object.
PathToDocumentIdMapper This interface is basically the reverse of DocumentIdToPathMapper.
Publication A Lenya publication.
SiteTreeNode This interface is a wrapper around the more general w3c.Node which hides some details which are irrelevant for site tree nodes.
SiteTreeNodeVisitor Visitor interface to define operations performed on SiteTreeNode (Visitor pattern)

Class Summary
AbstractPublication A publication.
CollectionImpl Implementation of a Collection.
DefaultDocument A typical CMS document.
DefaultSiteTree Default Sitetree implementation
DocumentHelper Helper class to handle documents from XSP.
DocumentSet A set of documents.
DocumentType A document type.
DocumentTypeBuilder A builder for document types.
DublinCoreHelper Facade to get the DublinCore through the cms Document
DublinCoreImpl Access dublin core meta data in documents.
DublinCoreProxy A proxy to the dublin core meta implementation so that meta data is only read from file when it is actually requested.
Label The Label class encapsulates a string label of an associated language.
LanguageVersions Document set containing all language versions of a document.
PageEnvelope A page envelope carries a set of information that are needed during the presentation of a document.
PageEnvelopeFactory Common entry point for creating page envelopes.
Proxy An object of this class represents a proxy configuration.
PublicationFactory Factory for creating publication objects.
ResourcesManager Manager for resources of a CMS document.
SiteTreeNodeImpl Concrete implementation of the SiteTreeNode interface.
UniqueDocumentId class to compute an unique document id for a document, if there is already a node in the sitetree for a document with this id.
URLInformation This class resolves all Lenya-specific information from a webapp URL.
XlinkCollection Implementation of a Collection.

Exception Summary
PageEnvelopeException This exception is thrown when the creation of a PageEnvelope object fails.
SiteTreeException Exceptions for site tree handling.

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