Package org.apache.lenya.cms.cocoon.acting

Class Summary
DefaultCreatorAction DOCUMENT ME!
DelegatingAuthenticatorAction Authenticator action that delegates the authentication to an access controller.
DelegatingAuthorizerAction AuthorizerAction that delegates the authorizing to an AccessController.
DocumentIdExistsAction Action that checks the sitetree if there is a node with the current document-id.
FirstChildExistsAction Action that checks the sitetree if there is a child document with the current language.
ForceCheckInAction Checkin a document
HTMLFormSaveAction FIXME: org.apache.xpath.compiler.XPathParser seems to have problems when namespaces are not declared within the root element.
LanguageExistsAction Action that checks the sitetree if there is a node with the current document-id and the current language, i.e. if the current document has a version in the current language.
ReservedCheckinAction Checkin document
ReservedCheckoutAction Action doing reserved checkout
ReservedCheckoutTestAction An action that tests if a document is already checked out by a given user.
ResourceExistsAction This action simply checks to see if a given resource exists.
TaskAction An action that executes a task.
UploadAction The class UploadAction implements an action that allows for asset and content upload.
URIParametrizerAction Action to access the URI parameterizer.
ValidateAction Action to validate an xml document with relax ng schema.
WorkflowInvokerAction Action to invoke a workflow transition independently from the request document URL.
XopusHandlerAction Interfaces with Xopus: handles the requests and replies to them

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