Interface Summary
AccessController An access controller allows authenticating and authorizing identities.
AccessControllerResolver An access controller resolver resolves the appropriate access controller for a given Cocoon object model.
Accreditable An Accreditable can be accredited with roles on a certain URI using a Credential.
AccreditableManager An AccreditableManager combines a UserManager, a GroupManager, an IPRangeManager and a RoleManager.
Authenticator An authenticator.
Authorizer An Authorizer checks if an Identity is authorized to invoke a certain request.
Group A group.
Groupable Generalized interface of group member objects.
GroupManager A group manager.
Identifiable A marker interface to mark an Accreditable as identifiable.
IPRange An IP range.
IPRangeManager An IP range manager.
Item An item can be initialized from a configuration.
ItemManager Item manager.
ItemManagerListener This class allows listening to objects that manages items.
Policy A policy assigns roles to accreditables using credentials.
PolicyManager A policy manager.
Role The role interface.
RoleManager Role manager.
User A user.
UserManager User manager.

Class Summary
Identity Identity object.
Machine A machine (representing an IP address).
Password Encrypt plain text password Example: "message digest" becomes "f96b697d7cb7938d525a2f31aaf161d0" (hexadecimal notation (32 characters))
UserType A user type to be supported by the UserManager Note: the types are configured through access control (ac.xconf)
World The world.

Exception Summary
AccessControlException Access control exception.

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